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Choices for Care When Treatment Is Not an Option

Choices for Care When Treatment Is Not an Option

A lot of health conditions and diseases easily progress to a serious end-stage phase. Advanced cancer is one of the most common health condition that yields a poor prognosis. Some patients want to keep trying treatments and clinical trials. Others choose options like palliative or hospice care. These choices help control the symptoms and side effects of the disease, and just like our hospice care in Kansas, home and health services are effective in attaining the best quality of life in one’s remaindering days.

Choosing these alternative options must follow a proper assessment of personal feelings, health risks, and benefits of available treatments. To do this, you must ask all the questions you need to. If one chooses not to go through active treatment, he or she will still need to continue to receive care and comfort. Hospice care, one of the alternative options, is a special type of care wherein spiritual, medical, and psychological support are given to the patients and their families. The focus of hospice care shifts starting from receiving active treatment to relieving symptoms and providing support at the end of life.

Because hospice care can be given in different places, such as the patient’s home, having a home health aide will also make house chores and personal care easier to do. The patient will be assisted in everything he or she does daily.

While advanced cancer or other end-stage diseases are hard to bear, there is always hope when one chooses the right treatment or remedy. To know more about our hospice care and home health in Wichita, Kansas, call Sunflower Home Health & Hospice today!

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