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Hospice Care: Does Your Loved One Need It?


Most of the time, health problems show up along with aging. Many aging adults deal with illnesses, deterioration, limited mobility, and even loss of independence. More frequently, these issues become an inevitable burden for them. That’s why it is important to recognize the signs of declining health and the need for a different type of care.

Most of us wait a long time before calling a hospice until the final days of our aging loved ones’ lives. But they can receive the specialized care that they need even earlier. Our hospice care in Kansas will be ready to help you and your loved ones in the crucial and terminal days of illness.

There are many signs you can watch out for in order to know if your senior loved one needs hospice care. If the treatment they are receiving is no longer working or they no longer desire intensive intervention, it may be time to consider hospice care. Another sign is when their symptoms become harder to manage and they would tend to need a lot more help than they used to.
Confusion and restlessness may also be present. Difficulties in communicating with them may also make things a bit more difficult, prompting intervention.

All of these signs can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed in taking care of your aging loved one but it’s always important to think about their comfort and wellbeing. Thus, to attain a win-win situation, hospice care may be the answer. If you wish to try another option first, a home health aide can also be considered.

Does your loved one need hospice care? Call Sunflower Home Health & Hospice today to be assisted. Our home health in Wichita, Kansas may be the right fit for you.

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