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How to Make Your Wishes Known

How to Make Your Wishes Known

The best chance you have to live your last months as you envision is by planning and making sure that your loved ones and care providers are aware of your requirements. Whether you’re healthy, recovering from a serious illness, or currently receiving hospice care in Kansas, it’s important to have your wishes recorded or written down.

“Advance directives” are legal healthcare documents used to specify what and how a patient would like to receive treatment after their diagnoses.

Here are some of the most common versions of advance directives:

    This provides your loved ones and care providers with instructions regarding which types of treatment you would and would not like to receive. Write down your living will and post it by your bedside or hand it to a trusted family member.
    This piece of documents allows someone else to make healthcare decisions if you yourself are unable to make them.
    Also known as “the living will with a heart and soul,” this program was developed by the non-profit organization “Aging with Dignity” to cover legal end-of-life healthcare and address issues regarding spirituality, comfort, and final wishes.

NOTE: Laws and options vary in every state.

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