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Living With Arthritis: Better Mobility With Exercise

Living With Arthritis: Better Mobility With Exercise

It is a popular misconception that people with arthritis should avoid exercise and physical activity. While it is a common worry that exercise could harm your joints and cause more pain, research shows that people can and should exercise if they have arthritis, especially with osteoarthritis.

As a provider of home health in Wichita, Kansas, we try to help our patients have regular physical activity and improve or maintain their mobility. Here are some recommended exercises for arthritis from arthritis.org:

  • Walking
    This activity is free and easy on the joints. It improves circulation and lowers the risk of fractures
  • Aerobic/ endurance exercises
    These activities strengthen the heart and make the lungs more efficient. These include jogging, cycling, using the elliptical machine, and swimming.
  • Flexibility exercises
    These range-of-motion exercises maintain and improve joint flexibility. These include gentle stretching movements that take joints through their full span.
  • Strengthening exercises
    These exercises help maintain and strengthen muscles to support and protect the joints.
  • Water exercises
    These are helpful exercises for beginners and people who are overweight. The water’s buoyancy helps relieve the pressure of your body’s weight on the joints.

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