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Managing End-of-Life Stage at Home

Managing End-of-Life Stage at Home

Many people think that we will have all the time with aging loved ones, especially parents—even those with a late-stage serious illness or undergoing long-term, permanent medical treatment. But medicine can only do so much and take one so far. Hospice at home is a possible option, too.

The goal of hospice care in Kansas is not about a good death, but a good life all the way to the end. It is about choosing how one can live despite the health challenges and planning ways on how to manage the symptoms. This allows you, as the primary caregiver, and the patients to set your own priorities and live the best quality life possible in the days to come.

Patients’ medical conditions often change at this stage—it can be weekly, daily, and even in some cases, hourly. And if you are a family caregiver, monitoring these changes on top of your daily routine can be exhausting and you may experience fatigue. A home health aide, as part of the hospice care team, will assist you in taking care of your sick loved ones and help unburden your load.

At Sunflower Home Health & Hospice, you can ensure that your loved ones who are at their end-of-life stage receive quality care of home health in Wichita, Kansas against standards and best practices. Call us now to know more about hospice care at home.

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