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The Wonders of Physical Therapy

The Wonders of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is seen as an important factor for a patient’s recovery. This does not only apply to adults but also children. Sunflower Home Health & Hospice offers this treatment to both patients under our rehabilitative therapy. For older adults, physical therapy is important because:

  • The therapeutic exercises can help lessen or relieve pain, restoring muscle and joint function.
  • The stretching and strengthening exercises can improve the mobility of the patients.
  • Therapists can customize certain exercises for the patients for them to be able to develop their balance to prevent falls during the performance of their daily activities.

As hospice care in Kansas, we can offer this kind of therapy to our patients under our care. On the other hand, this therapy does not only benefit adults but even children by:

  • Helping children enhance their gross motor skills.
  • Aiding children in improving their balance and coordination through physical activity engagement.
  • Building their muscle strength and range of motion.

These are only some of the help physical therapy can offer. With our professional therapists’ assessment, they can advise on the other advantages of going into therapy. As a provider of home health in Wichita, Kansas, we see to it that we can also aid and promote the physical health of children who needs rehabilitative care.

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