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What You Should Know About Hospice Care


Hospice care is a type of care that supports individuals who are at the end-of-life stage of their disease. It’s a unique concept that can be difficult to comprehend. Designed to meet the unique needs of our patients, hospice care is focused on the patient’s comfort and happiness.

Sunflower Home Health & Hospice has compiled a list of important facts about hospice care to help you decide which hospice care in Kansas is the right one for you.

  • Hospice care is for people with advanced illnesses. Hospice can help manage pain and symptoms, regardless of one’s age, culture, beliefs, or cause of illness.
  • Unlike regular home health in Wichita, Kansas, hospice care is specifically for people who are seriously ill and need specialized and advance support that a regular aide cannot give.
  • Patients can keep taking their medication while on hospice under the supervision of a home health aide. These aides provide support not only to the patient but to their family members as well.
  • Most hospice care agencies allow patients to live in their premises longer than the agreed schedule. Usually, hospice care has an interdisciplinary care team that addresses the unique needs, goals, and preferences of the patient and their family.
  • Families are also given the space and support that they need after the passing of their loved ones. Social workers, chaplains, volunteers, and bereavement counselors help them process their emotions and grief.

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